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Because her parents remarried, Yuzuru has another stepsister. This step-sister of his is extremely beautiful, her butt is so big and round that it makes Yuzuru always have to take a peek. Furthermore, she always wore short skirts, making her T-back panties clearly visible to Yuzuru. He had to try very hard to control himself. But one time, his stepsister came into his room and complained about her butt getting bigger and bigger. From college boys to convenience store guys, everyone only focused on her butt. The stepsister had to ask Yuzuru to check to see if her butt was normal. So the beautiful step-sister immediately brought her butt close to Yuzuru's face, her cute white panties, the round butt that he longed for were wiggling in front of his eyes, making Yuzuru unable to control it anymore! He immediately took off his pants and shoved his cock straight into her pussy! And from there, the two's wrong relationship began. Even though she said she didn't want to, her step-sister continued to expose her big round butt in front of Yuzuru, as if she was inviting him.

MIDV-250 The younger brother couldn't stop thinking about wanting to fuck his older sister
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