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Mahiro Tadai is a female reporter. She and her colleagues went to a suburban area to do a report. It snowed heavily here and before they were ready to get on the bus to return to the city, a snowstorm struck, forcing them to rent a hotel to rest overnight. Mahiro is assigned to share a room with her handsome assistant. She has liked him for a long time and this is her chance to confess. Drinking a can of beer warms him up, but it makes Mahiro drunk and increases his motivation to show his affection for his assistant. Not only did she say she liked him, but she also hugged and kissed him passionately. The attraction of a woman like this is hard for any man to overcome. And so they fucked each other… all night long.

STARS-329 Lustful reporter Mahiro Tadai spends the night with his assistant
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