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Nursing is not an easy profession in Japan. Here, nurses must always dedicate all their time to serving doctors and patients undergoing treatment. However, there are many forms of service that are not simple at all. Not only do they care and take good care of the patients, but they also have to make the patients happy and help them be more excited so they can recover quickly. One of the most effective ways to do that is none other than their hot bodies, slim curves, and even their virginity so they can fulfill their assigned responsibilities. Nurse Masuzaka is no exception. Not only that, she is also very proactive in that delicate matter. She constantly looks for patients to force them to have sex with her, partly because she hopes they can recover quickly. illness, but the main part is still the desire to relieve the constant thirst that pervades this unmarried girl's body.

IPX-210 The amorous nurse
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