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Ai and her boyfriend work part-time at the same convenience store. Because this was Ai's first and only boyfriend, she had never wondered about the size of other people's cocks. And recently, when her boyfriend's cock couldn't penetrate deep enough to satisfy Ai, she began to be curious about the size of other men's cocks. When asking her best friend, Who knew her boyfriend's cock was extremely short! And when she looked at the store manager's crotch, even though there was a layer of pants, Ai could still tell that it was many times bigger than her boyfriend's cock! Whoever is determined to be fucked by this cock! She continuously used her big butt and T-back panties to seduce the married manager. The manager had to fall in love with her beauty. The two continued to secretly fuck each other right at the store. Today, a foreign guy came to work at Ai's place, and it seemed his cock was bigger than the manager's...

FSDSS-518 She had an affair with the manager because she criticized him for loving baby potatoes
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